27 September 2022


ARC invests in the future of the industry

The Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) is investing in the future of the RAC industry with a promotion targeting students at almost 3,000 secondary schools across Australia.

Every school’s careers adviser will receive a package explaining how the industry can offer great careers where their students can make a difference.

ARC chairman Michael Bennett said the mail-out was part of ARC’s commitment to ensuring the industry could meet the constantly growing demand for RAC services in today’s society.

“Our industry, like almost every industry these days, needs more highly skilled people, so we are targeting our best and brightest youth to become the fridgies of the future,” he said.

“We want to ensure that secondary students – and their parents and teachers – know about the excellent career opportunities our industry offers,” he said.

“By contacting the careers advisers who are a key source of information for students, we are ensuring they can tell their students about the pathways to a career in the RAC sector.

“We are also profiling and positioning the RAC industry as something they might not have heard about much, but something that bright, ambitious students should embrace as their first choice.

“A RAC career calls for a high level of skill, extensive problem solving ability and a desire to work in a truly specialist occupation, not just a generalist trade like plumbing or electrical.”

Each package includes a video and printed brochures, highlighting the breadth of opportunity both on and off the tools, and explaining the various different career paths.

Mr Bennett said the mail-out was one of several ARC efforts, including attending careers expos and supporting WorldSkills and NextGen, to attract bright young people into the industry.

“Talking to school students is a long-term project, where it can be three or four years before they begin an apprenticeship, so this initiative lays the foundations for the future,” he said.

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