“ARCtick” National licence for fluorocarbon refrigerants

The refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) licence scheme, run by the ARC on behalf of the Australian Government, has never been more popular, with over 100,000 licence holders and still growing. The RAC licence scheme is the only National licence, regulating the acquisition, possession, disposal and handling of ozone depleting substances and synthetic greenhouse gases in the RAC industry. It is the ‘gold star standard’ for technicians throughout Australia.

The scheme delivers real value to the industry and has been independently and internationally recognised as world-leading. Perhaps the greatest achievement of the RAC licence scheme is driving the increase in skills within the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

The higher skill levels within industry has directly delivered improved environmental outcomes, consumer protection and energy efficiency, through better quality services and work practices.


RAC-licensed businesses and technicians have contributed to a reduction of 24.37 megatonnes of CO2-e direct emissions. Australia’s regulations around refrigerants were recently acknowledged as ‘world’s best’ by the US Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI).

Energy efficiency

ARC-licensed technicians – qualified and professional – can lay claim to directly, and positively, impacting energy use in households and buildings. Energy is an important component of our habitation on the planet, but used in excess, can contribute to climate change. By only allowing skilled and qualified people to work with RAC systems, the licence scheme is ensuring systems are installed correctly, running efficiently, and work for longer.

Consumer protection and safety

The scheme has driven advanced standards in the industry, through a highly skilled workforce. The RAC licencing scheme ensures that technicians are knowledgeable and skilled in understanding environmental standards. It also provides a level of consumer protection, and knowledge of occupational health and safety requirements. The scheme also confirms that technicians are ‘fit and proper’ for the scope of works for which they are licensed.

For information about the ARCtick licensing scheme visit www.arctick.org